The booking platform that gives back to your local community

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Our amazing new booking platform for short-term rentals will not only get more bookings but actually gives back to your community by supporting local businesses and helping the local charities and vulnerable individuals that need help the most.

Pillow is the first company in the UK to link bookings with giving back the local charities near your property. Guests get an option to donate 1-5% of their booking amount to local charities and good causes.

And you can be part of this amazing process, all while getting increased occupancy and more profit!

The more listings we have, the more we can give back!

Pillow serviced accommodation

The more amazing owners like you that list with us, the more amazing things we can do for local communities. Every single property is important to us.  #StrongerTogether

To date, we have facilitated over £560,000 worth of donations to good causes and generated over £3.2millon for small independent businesses in communities throughout the UK.

You cant rely on platforms like Booking.com and Airbnb anymore

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I update this just as the major Online Travel Agents have just pretty much shut down everyone's listings.  These guys can shut your listings down when they choose, they can refund your guests when they choose and they can change the terms just so they look good in the media - AT YOUR EXPENSE.

So you need another option! Most owners rely on these sites for bookings, so when they decide to shut you down (for reasons to suit them), it can mean game over for a lot of people (you only need to check Facebook to see this happening right now).

This is a portal for YOU, not to justify a stock valuation! No crazy rules, no backstabbing, just a portal there to get you more bookings and give back to local causes.

No bookings - No fee

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PIllow believes in only getting paid for results so there are no listing fees - we only make money if we make you money!  We simply take 10% +VAT commission from any booking we get for you.  We put all the time, money and effort in to get you the bookings so you don't need to

Get ready for the end of Lockdown!!!

Pillow Staycations

Pillow has a massive campaign all around Staycations and generating bookings for our clients.  We can't promote units during the lockdown, but we can work hard on getting bookings for the end of the year.

Our industry has been one of the hardest hit because of this lockdown and we want to hit the ground running as soon as we can.

Listing with Pillow allows us to promote your property to our Staycation audiences so you can take advantage of all the marketing spend and activities and increase those bookings.

You retain full control

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You are still fully in charge of your property and your calendar.  You don't ever need to take a booking you do not want.

We simply work alongside all of your existing systems to boost your bookings and make you more money.  Totally risk free!

There are so many benifits to listing with Pillow

  1. Maximize your visibility internationally
  2. Free to list on our brand new site packed with amazing features
  3. Support local charities and great causes
  4. Use your property to give back to your local community
  5. Get access to longer-term contractor and corporate bookings (if appropriate)
  6. Promotion on our social media channels
  7. A channel build for you, not to maximise profit for shareholders
  8. A UK based company that answer the phone within 3 rings
  9. You retain full control of your pricing, calendar etc
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